Ohrgrem Stoutshield

The Dwarven Lord of Hammerfast


A dwarf of tall stature who rules over the only remaining Dwarven City. He is strong and uncompromising, but ultimately fair. He rewards his footman, Tordek, Son of K’Thurl, with freedom for his service killing an army of Goblin raiders.


Ohrgrem son of Theormann is the latest of the Stoutshields to rule under the mountain in the dwarven city of Hammerfast. As long as he has ruled, his city has been alone as the last bastion of the dwarves. He grew up hearing the stories of the eight children of Muralthane and the cities they founded. His ambition has always been to liberate the long lost dwarven cities. However, he neither possesses an army capable of pushing toward the dwarf cities, nor a means to get past Mantiben’s walls. He instead hopes that by allowing Tordek GoblinBane to serve the Holy King, that he might have an opportunity to get the humans into the fight.

Ohrgrem Stoutshield

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