Terror of the Unnamed Foe

Lair of the Deathbringer - Episode 2

As the party came back to the Nentir Inn they carried Xairus to his room and laid him down in his bed. Then went to bed, determined to make their way to the wall first thing in the morning. Andraste woke up, and realized that in place of the headache from last night, the arrow the spell had shown them now existed in her mind. As the rest of the group headed to breakfast, Tryn decided to see how Xairus was doing. Rather than looking rested, he looked far worse. His color was pale and a cold sheet of sweat covered his body. He writhed and moaned as if gripped in delirium. Tryn went out to get a cleric as Andraste and Bristlethurn rushed to Xairus’ side. Bristlethurn tried to apply all of his healing knowledge to relieving Xairus’ pain, but it was to no avail. Andraste, studying him very closely, realized the disease was actually magical in nature. Some foul magic had him in its grip, there was no use trying to heal him. As the cleric arrived and began a healing chant, Xairus’ eyes suddenly came open. He gripped her arm with an icy hand and rasped, “You’re wasting time…get to the wall…watch out for the woods…they’re dangerous…” He then closed his eyes and slipped back into his delirium.

Unfurling the map that Xairus had given them, they realized they had a choice to make: they could either travel straight to the crack, journeying three days to reach the wall, or they could avoid the forest as much as possible, but add a day to their journey. With Xairus’ fevered warning still ringing in their ears, they decided it would be better to take the road. For three days they had a peaceful journey down the King’s Road, finally when the arrow in Andraste’s mind pointed due south, they headed into the woods. At first the woods themselves were a mirror of the peace they encountered on the road. Sun beamed down through the trees and a soft breeze kissed their cheeks. Though the woods were quiet, they could hear the soft sounds of a few animals scurrying about. Yet as they journeyed further and further south the trees seemed to grow darker and more menacing, the sunlight seemed to be choked out, and the ground beneath them grew wet and boggy. Andraste reached out with her mind, she could feel the magic of the wall humming in the air ahead of them. As she looked around, she realized that the trees themselves also hummed with magic. Their roots had dug down deep and absorbed the magic of the wall. As the last vestiges of light disappeared from view, the group made camp while Andraste and Bristlethurn examined the largest of the nearby trees. Bristlethurn could tell that the trees had not yet absorbed enough magic to be able to move, but that they were angry. Some kind of outsider had been through here before, and the forest did not seem to appreciate these new outsiders, whatever their intentions. With the sunlight fast disappearing, the group saw little choice but to make camp here in the midst of the angry trees. Bristlethurn did his best to mollify the tree with fertilizer and care, and the heroes determined in what order they would keep watch. Most of the group decided to rest in their tents, but Andraste and Bristlethurn decided to rest in the branches of the tree.

In the dead of night, just after the third watch, Andraste heard a shuffling coming from the woods. Blowing a whistle, the heroes arose to face the mysterious intruders. At first it seemed as if some kind of humanoids were coming out of the woods, but as the dwindling firelight hit them it revealed what instead was a mass of vines and leaves twisting and writhing in the shape of humans. As the party drew their weapons and prepared for battle, a large mass off plants walking on four viny appendages shuffled slowly behind. Bristlethurn’s eyes grew wide, “Watch out! It’s a shambling mound!” But it was too late, Styx charged in with a roar and struck the nearest vine being. The plant beings retaliated, swiping with vines and throwing orbs of lightning at him. As the rest of the group joined the battle, the shambling mound wrapped two limbs around Styx and pulled him into its body! “Come and get me, you stupid planty things! I’ll burn down yer whole forest!” Tordek’s taunts enraged the plants, and they focused upon him while Styx struggled out. Vines wrapped around Tordek, pulling him to the mound, while one of the vine beings dug the roots at its feet deep in the ground; the vines popped out of the ground and wrapped around Styx and Tryn. Styx broke out of the vines while Andraste confused the shambling mound into attacking a vine being, and Bristlethurn’s bear tried to find a place to bite the writhing vines to no avail. Tryn broke out of her vines, but another vineman gripped a vine around her middle, slinging her into the middle of the plants. The shambling mound enclosed its arms around her, and she too was entangled within it’s body. Tordek managed to struggle free, wounded and cursing as he fell. Tryn struggled, trying to find her way out of the mess of vines, but they dug in, and she could feel the blood flowing down the vines as her strength slowly left her. She tried to cry out, but the edge of her vision was clouded, and everything seemed to get fuzzy and far away. Seeing her comrade in trouble, Andraste put a great deal of concentration into her incantation. Reaching deep into the consciousness of the shambling mound, she pulled the image of Tryn out of its mind. As the knowlege of its trapped prey was forgotten, its vines relaxed and Tryn fell to the ground, bleeding but alive. Bristlethurn chanted prayers of healing through his totem, knitting Tordek and Tryn’s wounds closed, and the group resolved to fight on.

Styx cleaved through one of the vine beings, but the shambling mound got its arms around him and he was once again grabbed by it. Tordek and Andraste focused on keeping the mound distracted while Tryn and Bristlethurn tried to destroy the other vinemen. Styx worked his way out during the distraction, clutching his side; and the shambling mound flailed its vines against Tordek, who hid behind his shield. Andraste used her telepathic prowess to force the shambling mound to attack one of the vine beings and Styx’s axe bore down upon it to finish him off. The shambling mound pulled Tordek in, then reeled around to attack its final remaining vineman while Tryn’s bolts stuck inside of it. A final bite from Bristlethurn’s bear finally succeeded in tearing the vines apart. The shambling mound roared, and flailed its vines, but now the entire group was upon it. Bristlethurn’s bear bit at it, Tryn’s arrows stuck into it, Andraste drove telepathic spikes into its mind, and Tordek hacked and slashed at it. A final blow from Styx’s axe seemed to sever the mass of vines at the heart of it. The mound disintegrated into a mass of vines, leaves, and plants upon the ground. With a wicked grin, Tordek burned the remnants of the deadly foe. It still being a few hours before dawn, the group headed wearily back to their tents and tree. The battle had been hard fought, and they would need to rest in order to make it to the wall with all their strength.

Lair of the Deathbringer - Episode 1

As the crowds gathered outside, the group went into the Temple of Bahamut to tell what they had learned. The priests in the courtyard stood agape as they entered, awed by the furor outside the walls. The head priest greeted them excitedly, having already heard about their great deed. Exuberant over the freed dragons, he bequeathed a robe to them that had been worn by an ancient priest of their order. Turning to more serious matters, they fished out the piece of the necklace they had taken from Gyss. He confessed to having never seen the symbols on it before, and said that they might need to seek someone of far higher learning to discover its meaning. Deciding that the followers of Pelor might know something regarding the pendant, and that they needed to show them the axe they found, the party set off for the temple of Pelor.

Having never yet seen the temple of Pelor, the party took a moment to marvel at it. Unlike the temple of Bahamut, it was one single stone structure without a courtyard or grounds at all. It was built of white stone and capped in gold and was easily the finest structure in all of Fallcrest. Unlike at the other temple, the crowds followed them inside the temple, and inside they found what could only be the high priest leading a praise service in honor of Pelor. As the heroes entered he said, “Ah! The Heroes of Fallcrest! Thank Pelor for sending you to our aid, he has not forgotten us in our hour of need!” While Tordek attempted to argue whether Muradin or Pelor had actually sent him, Andraste requested a private audience with the high priest. Being ushered into the private chamber of the priest, they revealed the axe that they had discovered.
“Is this really Orland’s Axe?” Andraste asked the high priest.
“There is only one way to be sure,” the high priest replied, “give it to me.” He motioned to Styx.
Styx stubbornly held onto the axe, “Only if you promise to give it back.”
“My dear lad, I could only give it back if it were not Orland’s Axe, it is a sacred relic!”
“But surely Pelor would want it to be wielded by someone who will vanquish evil,” Andraste raised an eyebrow.
“Is he a devout follower of Pelor? Pelor would never want his axe in the hands of a heathen.”
A familiar voice from behind them interjected, “I’ll vouch for them Markous, they may keep the axe.” The group turned to see the familiar face of Heiros, dressed in fine armor with a purple cape hanging from his shoulders!
“My Lord?!”
“These are my friends, Markous, I promise that they will use the axe for righteousness.”
“If you insist my lord, they shall keep the axe,” Styx hesitantly handed over the axe. The high priest raised it up, then thought for a moment, “perhaps you would prefer to do it yourself lord?”
“Sure.” Heiros took the axe and held it above his head. Suddenly the axe began to glow with a bright light, the thunderbolts engraved on the side disappeared and turned into an image of the sun. As Heiros handed the axe back to Styx, he said, “This is indeed Orland’s Axe, use it well.”
“What’s with all this lord business?” Andraste asked curiously.

Heiros explained to the group that the Country of Mantiben was divided into counties, and each county was ruled by a paladin. The lordship of the counties was not hereditary, however, and whenever a new lord was needed, he High Circle of the clerics of Pelor met at the capitol of Tybar and voted on who would take over this duty. This even applied to the ruler of the country itself, the Holy King of Mantiben. A year ago, the Lord of the Nentir Vale had vanished without a trace, Heiros had been elected to fill the role. Rejecting the position was not an option.

Andraste decided to see if the new Lord of the Nentir Vale or the high priest knew anything about the mysterious necklace. “These symbols look familiar,” Markous said, “but it eludes me, perhaps you should send it to the capitol so the scholars there might look at it.” Uldrin, having received dispensation and an escort from Heiros, volunteered to take the remnant of the necklace with him. The group watched him as he left with his escort of paladins.

The group found adjusting to their new renown very awkward. Tordek decided that it was a chance to do something positive for Fallcrest, signing autographs and taking up the patronage of Jimmy’s General Goods Store (If it’s general, and it’s good, it’s Jimmy’s!). Andraste gave nominal waves and attention to anyone in town who came up to her. Tryn tried to stay out of the limelight, literally hiding in the shadows from her newfound fame. Bristlethurn turned humanitarian (mortalitarian?), going to local temples to heal the wounded. Styx had become a local heartthrob. All the girls in town began to follow him around, sighing and swooning whenever he gazed in their general direction. All this attention did not sit well with a barbarian from the wilderness, so he grew dauer and scowled at all of the new fans. Alas, this seemed only to cement his reputation as a ‘brooding bad boy,’ and his gaggle of glowy-eyed girls grew. After a day or two, Tordek decided that it was time to return to Hammerfast, to take his trophy before the Lord of the Dwarves, Ohrgrem Stoutshield. The group exhuberantly agreed to come with him and get out of town for awhile.

It was five days journey on the King’s Road to Hammerfast. After a few hours travel the crowds had completely dispersed, and the heroes were left finally, mercifully, to their own thoughts. By the fourth day they passed the woods where they had slain the goblin warlord. On the fifth day the road began winding through the hills, the weather turned mildly colder as they made their way up the side of the mountain. By mid afternoon they had come across the entrance to Hammerfast. For the unitiated, it seemed modest, just a small entrance in the rock with statues of dwarves on either side; to Tordek, it was grand and welcome sight. As the group came up to the entrance, they realized the statues were carved from the mountain itself. One by one, they passed into the realm of the dwarves.

Hammerfast was a strange sight to behold, it was a series of rooms and chambers carved from the mountain. For beings so accustomed to buildings and sky, it didn’t seem a city so much as one very large house. Yet as they moved through the city, with Tordek at the fore, they realized that there were more chambers here than any mansion or palace they had ever seen. Slowly they moved deeper and deeper into the mountain, marveling at the size of the whole thing. Chambers got larger, with elaborate carvings along the walls. The mountain itself was alive with hustle and bustle of thousands of dwarves working in the mountain. Anvils clanged, chisels chipped, and fires were stoked. Finally, after having traveled deep into the heart of the mountain itself, they came to a large grand room, and in the center a throne carved from the rock itself rose from the floor. Before them sat the Lord of Hammerfast himself, Ohrgrem Stoutshield.
“Approach, Tordek, son of K’thurl. What news do ya bring me about your mission?” Ohrgrem motioned the dwarf fighter forward, paying little attention to the group of outsiders with him. Tordek pulled the now rotting head of Gyss out of a sack.
“An offering to my lord. The head of your enemy.”
“Ah, but you have done well, Tordek. Long have the Stoutshields ruled under the mountain, and as long as we have ruled your family have been vassals in our service. Your father served my father, and his father served my grandfather, but for this deed it is now in my power to do something none in your family has achieved before.” Ohrgrem stood and blew a large horn positioned by the throne. All work in the throne room and in the adjoining chambers ceased, it seemed as if the whole mountain itself had paused at the king’s will.
“Now hear this!” Ohrgrem shouted in a booming voice, “On this day, I declare Tordek, son of K’thurl, a free man. Tordek, you may now choose a last name for yerself.”
Tordek was speechless, taken so aback by the honor given him. Finally, at the goading and whispers of his friends he said, “I have earned my freedom through the slaying of goblins, I guess I shall take the name Goblinbane, my lord.”
Ohrgrem smiled, “I present before you today Tordek Goblinbane. Accord him the respect he is due!”
The throne room bowed in homage to the free dwarf that now stood before them. Everyone there was under the patronage of Lord Stoutshield. To be free was almost to be nobility itself, for nobody under the mountain was free to do as they willed save the Lord himself or a free dwarf, and there were precious few free dwarves left in the world.
“Is there anything else I can do for you now, my lord?”
“Not here, the Holy King of Mantiben has asked that I might let you return to his kingdom. He’s heard of the great good you did dispatching those goblins, and he’s hoping you’ll continue in your aid. I have given my dispensation to such end, and it’s my hope that you will go and make yourself useful.”
“Of course, my lord.”
“Just remember your people, Tordek. Mantiben is the only country that can fight the darkness to the south. They hide behind their walls, but our people are on the other side of that wall. Do what you can to get Mantiben to fight in this battle.”
“Aye, my lord, by your leave.” Ohrgrem dismissed the party, still never addressing the outsiders.
The heroes found the dwarven crafting halls much more accomidating. Along the various nooks and crannies they found oddities and wonders of every kind. Having gold in their pockets from their recent victory, they outfitted themselves in the finest of dwarven craftsmanship. Finally, the end of the day neared, they inquired as to where they might find lodging, to which a dwarf replied, “Oh, there are already chambers laid out for Tordek Goblinbane and his retinue.” Too tired to argue, they were ushered to the chambers and drifted off to sleep.

The journey back to Fallcrest was a peaceful one, but filled with anticipation. Tryn, being from Tybar itself, knew that there was a chance some correspondence had arrived from the capitol. The question of the necklace swirled in their heads, but it was soon replaced by the realization that their celebrity had not dissipated in the last 10 days. Crowds still gathered around them as they came back into town. Styx noticed that inside some of the nearby houses, there seemed to be caricatures of him drawn onto parchment and hung on walls, he scowled at the thought. The group separated, Andraste and Tordek went to see about a scale chest they had commissioned with Teldorthan before they left, Bristlethurn wanted to go to the temple and heal some more of the sick. Styx, finally realizing the upside to being famous, wanted to spend some time in the company of some of the young women in town, and Tryn wanted to go back to the Nentir Inn to have a drink and slip away from the crowd. As she came into the Inn, she noticed that in the shadows a figure sat watching her. He made no noise or motion, but his eyes followed her every move. Not being one to beat around the bush, Tryn walked right up to him and said, “Um, excuse me, but you seem to be watching me for some reason.”
“Are you one of the Heroes of Fallcrest?” The man was human, appeared to be about 30, and was dressed in shabby leather as if he had traveled in it a great deal and had worn it out; his eyes seemed strange, but when Tryn looked into them she could see nothing abberant there.
“Maybe?” Tryn eyed him suspiciously.
“I need you to assemble your friends for me, it is most urgent.”
“Not without a name and some explanation as to who you are, buddy.” Tryn was not one to trust random strangers in shadows.
“Very well, my name is Xairus, Uldrin sent me here.”
“Good enough for me.”
Most of the group was easy enough to assemble, she found Bristlethurn, Tordek, and Andraste right away. It took a little looking before she realized that Styx was in the middle of a group of no less that fifty giggling girls. All of whom were flirting with him and looking for any reason to feel his muscles or chest. Andraste turned to Tryn, “Head back, I got this.” She then proceeded to make her way through the throng, took Styx by the hand, and loudly yelled, “Time to go, darling!” As they headed away from the group there was a great din of whispering as all the girls gossiped in unison.
“Thanks,” Styx said sarcastically.
“Don’t worry, it’ll just make them want you more.” Andraste replied.
Back at the inn, Xairus had apparently gotten up, though Tryn thought it looked like he hadn’t moved an inch. There were chairs for each of them placed around the table. When they sat down, Xairus pulled out the shattered necklace they had sent with Uldrin.
“I’m here about this”
“We were the ones who found that,” Andraste said, “it was used by a goblin to control dragons.”
“I know it controls dragons, the inscription around it says as much.”
“You know what language that is? Tell us!” Andraste was ready for answers.
“How much do you all know about the army that marches to the south?”
Most of them knew very little, the fey wild had little dealings with the dark army in the south, but watched their portals for any threat from them. Tordek knew that there had once been eight dwarf cities in the continent of Endirah, and that an army of undead, demons, devils, and all manner of other evil creature had swept across the lands. Now only one dwarven city remained.
Xairus looked as if something was far off in the distance, “The dark army is ancient, it has been attacking countries in Endirah for hundreds of years now, conquering everything in it’s path. There is only one place they have not yet conquered, and that is Mantiben. The wall itself keeps them out.”
“No wall lasts forever,” Styx said with a snort.
“The wall is more that just the bricks and mortar that you can see. Why do you think the king requires Arcane Stonemasons to maintain the wall? Every brick contains a spell, it is that spell which is the actual wall of Mantiben.”
“Then why not just fly over it, or sail around it?” Styx could not see the big deal with an arcane wall.
“The spell itself places a bubble around Mantiben. You cannot fly into it and you cannot make port at its harbor. The only way in is to go through alternate planes.”
“What does this have to do with the necklace?”
“This language is the language of that army.”
“But how could an artifact of the dark army get past the wall?” Andraste’s look had turned serious.
“There are only two possibilites,” Xairus’ look was deadly, “either there is a crack in the wall or it was smuggled through the fey wild.”
“Well I can guarantee that it did not come through the fey wild.” Andraste spoke confidently. It seemed as though she might continue, but then she seemed to stop and think better of it.
“I tend to agree with you, that is why I requested Uldrin teach me a ritual that would point to any crack in the wall. I will need all of your assistance to complete it however, it is very draining.”
“What does this ritual entail?” Tryn’s eyebrows shot up incredulously. “Is it dangerous.”
“Only somewhat dangerous,” Xairus’ tone was completely serious, “don’t worry, I doubt you will be incinerated like the last group who attempted the rite.”
Tryn did not seem comfortable with the risk involved, “Are you sure this is the way to go? I mean, maybe we should just go check in the fey wild real quick first.”
Andraste’s eyes grew wide, “No! I mean…no, I’m sure that this did not come through there. We need to perform the ritual. Hey! Why don’t we get Heiros and some paladins to help us? I’m sure more people will make it easier to complete.”
Xairus stared at her, “I’m afraid Heiros and his men have all marched north.”
“What?! Why?!”
“There are two camps in the capitol. One camp believes the wall is impossible to breach, and that the necklace must have been the work of witches; the other camp is my camp, and knows that whoever leads that army to the south will not stop until he controls all of Endirah. The other camp has more people in it, so Heiros was dispatched to the north to deal with these ‘witches,’ I came myself to seek your aid because I knew you might be the only ones who would believe me.”
Styx’s lip snarled, “So there’s an army bent on your destruction to the south, and you send all your men north? Smart.”
Xairus’ look was tired, as if he had been fighting this same battle for days, “You and I are in total agreement, but there is nothing to be done. Prepare yourselves, we do the ritual tonight.”

As the sun set, Xairus lead the group north a little ways in the forest. Once there, he pulled out a pouch and began pouring its contents on the grass. The pouch contained what seemed to be a white powder, and with it he drew a circle. When the circle was finished he inscribed a cross within it, aligning it with the cardinal directions. Then in each quadrant he placed a symbol. Andraste thought that one of the symbols looked remarkably similar to one of the runes on the necklace. “What is this you are drawing?” She asked, “Why does it bear the marks of the enemy?”
“These symbols are older then the language of the dark army,” Xairus replied matter of factly, “This is the language of Amdir, the dragon slayer. These are symbols of protection and invocation drawn with the bones of dead warlocks.” Some of the group inched away, realizing now what the white powder was. “Let us begin.”

The group stood around the circle while Xairus stood in its center. Closing his eyes, he began to chant in an ancient tongue. The circle of crushed bones beneath them began to glow brighter and brighter as he continued. Within the circle, they could see something like glowing dots appear on the ground and head straight towards Xairus. Every time one got to him, it appeared to take away some of his strength. His chanting faltered slightly as more dots reached him. Styx came into the circle itself, wanting to keep the dots on the ground from reaching the center. He yelled out a mighty roar, and the dots gravitated towards him. As they reached him, he could feel the strength being siphoned off from him. As if the very life was being sucked out of his body. Tryn encouraged Xairus to keep the chanting up while Andraste opened up the full power of her mind. Feeling the spell itself hanging in the mindscape, she joined Xairus in chanting; though she did not chant the words he did, but instead bolstered the spell with companion words. The dots came to her also, and her head felt heavy as they reached her. Tordek too decided to help keep the dots away from Xairus and Andraste, and took his place opposite Styx in the circle. Though many of the dots now were occupied with Tordek and Styx, dots still remained near Xairus. Bristlethurn summoned his bear into the center, and it glowed brightly as the dots seemed to get sucked up inside of it. Finally with a roar of pain the spirit bear vanished, taking the dots with it.

The chanting grew louder and more urgent from Xairus, sweat rolling down his forehead as he put every ounce of strength into the ritual. The dots had now fully manifested as spirits, their deathly hands reaching out to Tordek, Styx, Andraste, and Xairus and sucking the life from them. With great effort Styx stayed on his feet, but he could not feel whispers in his mind. Andraste continued to chant as well, but her psychic abilities could hear thousands of voices whispering around her in the dark saying, “Give up! All is Lost!” Tordek roared out defiantly, “For Jimmy’s General Goods!” Trying to find a way to keep his strength. But finally, he collapsed to the ground, hearing a voice in his head say, “Even this shall turn to dust!” Bristlethurn helped him out of the circle and back on his feet, but now the spirits that had left him were all upon Xairus. Xairus’ voice grew faint, his words just a mumble. Reaching deep within himself, Styx roared with defiance, “Not yet! You have not beaten me yet!” All the ghosts swarmed on top of him, but it gave Xairus the opportunity he needed. Finishing the chanting with a flourish, the circle erupted in a bright light. All the spirits got swept up in it, and when it dissipated they had disappeared with the cross and the symbols. In their place all that remained within the circle was an arrow pointing to the southeast.

Xairus looked an inch away from death. The group had to help him get back to Fallcrest. “You must move quickly!” He rasped, “I know the exact place where we enacted the ritual, it’s why I chose it. I can draw you a map where the crack in the wall will be. You must find it and stop whatever is causing it.”
“You’re not coming with us?!” Tryn looked crestfallen.
“I’m afraid the ritual has drained me too much, and there’s no time to lose. If there’s a crack in the wall it means that it could fall at any time. You must make haste, get to the wall, and pray that you are not too late!”

Goblin Hold - Episode 3 (Finale)

As the group awoke, the sun was going down. The hold seemed to grow darker and danker, torches provided the only light and shadows flickered and danced along the walls. Moving out of the dungeon into the crossbow room, Tryn sneaked towards the remaining door and slowly opened it. Inside, a small troop of goblins were busy eating their evening meal. Andraste stood just behind the halfling, trying to get a clear enough view of the goblins to start a fight amongst them, but before she could act upon her resolve the goblins began brawling by themselves! The group stood dumbstruck as plates rattled and clanged and the goblin leaders inside shouted orders in gobbledygook at their underlings. Suddenly the group realized that the order must have been to go outside, the goblins were headed for the door they were hidden behind! The group took a moment to prepare themselves as the door swung open and 15 goblin troops stood face to face with the heroes.

As the goblins tried to get ready for the battle they had stumbled across, Styx dispatched the first goblin. Tryn fired a flaming bolt from her crossbow and it burst upon the ground, consuming 7 more of the goblins in flames. As they screamed in agony, Bristlethurn brought his bear to bear (ha!) on another. The remaining troop tried to take down Tordek in vain while the leadership lobbed crossbow bolts and javelins at Styx. Once the minions were dispatched, Styx lunged towards the nearest goblin, narrowly missing his shoulder. The goblins retaliated, and blood oozed from the bolts sticking out of Styx’s chest. While the group dispatched one goblin, Tordek gave his best effort to easing Styx’s escape, but could not get the half elf out of danger. As the next goblin died, the remaining goblin, realizing he was suddenly alone, dropped his crossbow and ran away. Andraste, Styx, and Bristlethurn gave chase, finding that he had run into a closed off kitchen. Looking around, Styx realized he could hear breathing coming from under a nearby table.

Picking up the goblin by the collar, Styx held his spear up to the goblin’s throat. “I’m gonna stab him,” Styx said angrily.
“Hold on a moment,” Andraste said as she put a hand up.
“But he shot me!” Styx replied angrily.
Andraste went up to the shaking goblin, “what’s you name?”
“Grak! Grak! Please don’t kill Grak, please!” the frightened goblin exclaimed.
“Then you’d better answer all of my questions, or I’ll let him finish you!”
“Yes! Yes! Anything!”

Andraste questioned the goblin very carefully about the remaining rooms and traps remaining in the hold. He said that Gyss was protected by two young, white dragons, and he was most likely on his throne. He told them that there was a ‘whirly thing of death’ in a nearby room upstairs, and that there was a bottleneck leading up to the ‘Big Boss’ which could cause a ‘big boom.’ Given parchment and paper, Grak tried to provide the party with maps of the two rooms, but his depictions were simplistic at best.

“Okay, Grak, you work for us now, do you understand?” Andraste looked at the goblin intently.
“Yes, you big boss now! You no kill Grak,” Grak looked hopefully at the party.
“I don’t want you betraying us to Gyss when you see those dragons.”
Grak shifted his gaze from side to side, “But dragons are scary.”
“Well, Grak, I’m an even bigger dragon in disguise,” Andraste bluffed, “and I will be most displeased if you betray us!”
Grak’s look became pale, “No! Never betray!”

The party gave Grak his crossbow back and sent him up the stairs. Hoping for a quick resolution, they told him to tell the ‘Keepers of the Whirly Death’ that there was a fight outside, and that they needed to come down. Instead, they kicked Grak out and locked the door behind him. Tryn deftly picked the lock, then Styx and Tordek stood behind the door. They took a breath to prepare for the unkown as they kicked it in.

The two goblin keepers chattered excitedly at the group from two alcoves well above the ground as one flipped a lever on the wall. In the center of the room a four foot tall top with blades mounted all around it stood. As the lever was flipped the top began to spin, and finally it moved towards the group! Tordek, Styx, Andraste, and Bristlethurn felt the blades as they spun around, hitting all of them simultaneously. Styx and Tordek each took swings at the terrible device, then went into the room to get away from the deadly spinning. While the top spun, the goblin keepers lobbed spells upon the party. Tordek was stricken blind by one while the other placed bands of necrotic energy around him. He shook them off as he stumbled blindly off, the demonic dreidel following at his heels. It’s blades bit into his back and he cursed as he felt the blood coursing down his legs. The party split apart to give the spinning abomination fewer targets and began taking down the keepers, but the keepers responded in kind by cloaking most of the room in an inky cloud, preventing most of the party from seeing them. With a roar, Styx ran through and scrambled up the slick side of one platform. He brought his axe down upon one goblin, who managed to duck out of the way. The goblin smirked as he placed necrotic bands around the half elf barbarian. His smile faded as Bristlethurn’s bear bit him in the leg, and Styx smirked slyly back as he planted his axe in the goblin’s chest. Meanwhile, Tryn engaged in a deadly duel with the demonic dervish of a dreidel. Each time she fired a bolt into the spinning top it came towards her, threatening her with it’s metal blades, but every time Tryn managed to cheat it of it’s desire; ducking and diving away from the blades only to fire another bolt at it. As Andraste and Grak attacked the keeper from range, Styx struck at him with a halberd. When finally the goblin was no more the party turned back to see Tryn standing triumphantly over a broken mass of wood and steel, “This is how I disarm traps!”

Only one door now prevented the team from their goal, but as they approached it, they realized that a complicated series of locks kept the door sealed! Tryn began to pick the locks one at a time. She succeeded on one, then the second, but as she picked the third her lock picks slipped just slightly. A golden light shot out of the lock, causing great pain in her hands and arms. She continued and it finally clicked open, but her loss of concentration carried through, light shooting out of the fourth lock and hurting her again. Andraste came forward and took a look, realizing that it must be a divine variation of an arcane lock. She used her knowledge of the arcane to suppress part of the trap and Tryn managed to get the locks open. The group peered inside, they could see Gyss on his throne and the two dragons sitting on either side of the entrance. Using the element of surprise, Styx and Tordek rushed forward while Andraste tried using the draconic phrases she had learned in the temple of Bahamut. The final battle had begun!

As Tordek and Styx rushed Gyss head on, Bristlethurn summoned his bear into the throne room while Andraste, Grak, and Tryn attacked from range. Gyss touched something under his shirt and a purple glow emanated. The party continued their onslaught, but soon the dragons were upon them! One dragon faced Bristlethurn, Tryn, and Grak in the hallway while Andraste ducked into a nearby staircase; the other faced Tordek and Styx in the throne room. Both dragons breathed a terrible blast of icy breath upon them, then let out a terrible roar stunning some of the heroes. Gyss pulled out his spear and used the newly created advantage to drive it into Tordek. The party fought on, but another blast of icy breath came from the dragon in the hallway while the other used his ferocious claws to dig into Tordek. Gyss raised his spear with a smile, he meant to end Tordek’s life then and there. “Thissss is your end,” the hobgoblin hissed. At the last second, Tordek ducked out of the way of the spear and it landed in the face of the dragon behind him! With a mighty roar Styx heaved his axe into Gyss while Tryn shot an arrow deep in his chest. “It seems it is your end,” Tordek retorted at the bleeding warlord as he sliced his axe across Gyss’ neck. The leader of the goblins fell back onto the throne and blood poured down the arms as he breathed his last. A purple light shot out from the eyes of the dragons and Andraste shouted out the draconic phrases she had learned at them. At last freed from the imprinting, the dragons looked at the heroes, considering the draconic words carefully. Finally they muttered a phrase in draconic as they pushed open a secret door that led outside and flew away into the night sky.

In the aftermath of the battle, Styx noticed a small sun carved on the corner of the throne’s pedestal. He brought Andraste to look at it while everyone else surveyed the room. She noticed a series of slight indents around the sun that roughly matched the placement of the locks on the door. With a thought she pressed the indents in the same order that the locks had been picked. The sun glowed and a false panel in the wall nearest the sun slid up. Inside there was a large axe and a bar of precious metal. Andraste gazed at the axe, it had an image of the sun carved along the blade and it seemed to crackle and surge with energy. This must be Orland’s missing axe! Taking the bar of precious metal in her pack, she passed the axe to Styx. Meanwhile Tryn found another false panel in the room proper, behind it she found all the gold that the goblin raiders had hoarded away! As the group filled their packs with the booty, Tordek heard the noise of marching coming from outside. Going to the secret door the dragons had opened, he found a balcony that led to the walls of the hold. He could see the returning goblin army marching towards the keep, almost upon the patch of pitch. He called the group out, and Tryn prepared a crossbow bolt. Andraste poured alchemical fire on it and Tryn let the bolt fly the moment the goblins were centered on the pitch. It flew slowly, seeming to take an eternity to reach its destination. Finally a great fireball exploded upon the ground and the night air was filled with 500 goblins screaming as they died in the trap they had so carefully set!

The party picked up Udrin and headed back to Fallcrest. As they neared the town, Andraste gave Grak 10 gold and told him to take up residence at Kobold Hall.
“Remember Grak, you only kill kobolds now, not people.”
“Grak no kill people,” Grak said glumly.
“And you only use that money to buy food,” Andraste raised an eyebrow at him.
“Grak only buy food,” Grak’s lower lip pouted out.
Grak scrambled off on his way to Kobold Hall and the group hit the outskirts of town. As they came to the edges of the village, they saw a strange sight. It seemed that little kids from all over the village were running behind them, screaming and giggling excitedly. As they got closer, some adults started to follow them. By the time they neared the Temple of Bahamut, it had turned into a procession, and it seemed that the whole town was following them, cheering and yelling. Slowly the yelling started to coalesce into one voice as the people yelled in chorus, “HURRAY FOR THE HEROES OF FALLCREST!!!! HURRAY!!!!!”

Goblin Hold - Episode 2

Styx boldly entered the room and upon doing so promptly heard a click. Two crossbow turrets emerged from the space between the sphinxes, and Styx could hear rustling from down the halls. As he moved to the sides of the room, the crossbows both aimed their sights at Tordek; the enemy would be coming soon…..

Two bolts from the magical crossbows landed squarely in Tordek’s chest, blood flowing from the wounds as five goblins moved into the room. The party split directions and headed into the room; Andraste and Bristlethurn headed left to aid Styx while Tordek and Tryn headed right, while the goblins began focusing their fury on Styx! Their blows were fierce and fast, but Styx fought on against his foes. While Andraste turned a crossbow wielding goblin against his buddy, Tordek pulled the goblin’s leader off of Styx. Alas, despite all of their efforts the goblin’s onslaught finally got the better of Styx, and he collapsed to the floor. Feeling a renewed sense of purpose in seeing their comrade fall, the heroes fought on. Tryn shot arrows from a dark hiding place behind a suit of armor while Andraste continued to wage war on the battlefield of the mind. Tordek smacked a larger axe-wielding goblin across the face, and as it made a move to go after Andraste he planted his axe in the creature’s back, felling it. Andraste’s mental assault overcame the next one, its eyes bulging as it fell to the ground dead. While Andraste, Bristlethurn, and Tordek overcame the leader, Tryn finished off the crossbow wielding goblins. With all the goblins gone, Tordek ran to the magical crossbow to cut it’s string while Bristlethurn used bandages and fertilizer to patch up Styx’s wounds. Awakened and dazed, his comrades helped him up as he slowly regained his senses.

Exploring the room, Tordek found that the goblins had stashed some of their treasure behind the sphinx statues. He looked at a strange, elegantly carved crossbow, and handed it to Tryn. After Styx had regained his senses the group looked down the two hallway that led left and right. The right way ended in a door, and behind it the group could hear the sounds of clanging and shuffling. The left way led to a downward staircase, and they could hear talking and screaming coming from below. Andraste knew that whomever the goblins had screaming down there would not last, and she urged the party to head down there and aid them. As silently as they could, the party headed down the staircase. Tryn sneaked out into the room and saw a terrible sight: a hobgoblin was torturing someone on a table, conjuring lightning from his staff to cause pain while he asked questions in a cruel, raspy voice. A bodyguard stood beside the hobgoblin, and an audience of goblins sat upon a pile of bones on the floor, laughing and joking as if they were watching a performance at the theatre. Disgusted, the party knew they had to do something, but sneaking all the way to the hobgoblin was impossible. Andraste sneaked over to the entrance of the room and took control of one of the goblins, then another, getting them to attack other goblins. Unaware of the unseen telepath, the goblins proceeded to get into a brawl right there on the bone pile. As one of the goblins stabbed another, drawing blood and screams, the bodyguard turned to stop the brouhaha taking place. “Ungh,” he said, and the goblins all stopped and moved away from each other, but now he was looking in the direction of the group! Andraste and Tordek tried to quickly duck into the shadows, but Tordek wasn’t fast enough. “Orungh?!” the bodyguard exclaimed, all the goblins turned to see the burly, shield wearing dwarf. It seemed the element of surprise had been lost.

The goblins charged towards the passageway, determined to take out Tordek, while the Hobgoblin continued in his malfeasance. Though their blows were deadly, Tordek bravely resisted their attack. They efficiently brought down three of the goblins in a matter of seconds. Irritated at the intrusion, the hobgoblin turned to deal with the intruders, saying, “Mussst I take care of everything myssself?” He moved purposefully towards the passageway and raised his staff. Lightning issued forth from it, narrowly missing Tordek but striking Styx, Andraste, and Tryn. They each were knocked back by the force of the blast and landed face down on the floor while the lightning arced and hit Bristlethurn, dazing him. Tordek looked back at his comrades lying smoking on the ground and turned his fierce anger towards the hobgoblin, “I’m gonna murder you!” Emboldened by his victory, the hobgoblin grinned and turned to Tordek, a gigantic bolt of lightning came from his staff and struck Tordek in the side as arrows from two goblin crossbows landed in his chest. Tordek clutched his side, trying to stop the bleeding as his strength faltered; the hobgoblin smiled malevolently.

As smoke rose from their armor, Andraste, Styx, and Tryn slowly rose to their feet. Though they were battered, they had not come this far to end their journey here! Bristlethurn chanted through his totem to give Tordek strength. As he chanted, a glow emanated from Tordek’s side and the wound magically sealed itself. Drawing strength from the rock itself, Tordek stood tall, now was the time to fight. Tryn, Styx, and Tordek attacked the hobgoblin and his bodyguard; while they were distracted with the attacks, Andraste took control of the bodyguard’s mind and had him attack the hobgoblin. A gleam of recognition lit the hobgoblin’s eyes, “Pssssion!” he said as he pointed his staff towards and Andraste and lightning hit her squarely in the chest; the magical lightning seemed to engulf her and pulled her face to face with the hobgoblin. An arrow from a goblin managed to land in the area the lightning had burned, Andraste could barely stand and blood ran down the side of her robe. Andraste’s mind raced, it seemed she had no way to get away from the hobgoblin and nowhere left to turn. Just then, Tordek came and put his shield in front of Andraste, distracting the hobgoblin. “Go!” he said, and Andraste limped away from the hobgoblin. He tried to reach her with a deadly attack, but Tordek’s axe found him instead. “Oh no you don’t,” Tordek exclaimed, “I told you, I’m gonna murder you!” Andraste made it down the hall where Bristlethurn used his magic to restore her, meanwhile the bodyguard finally fell to the heroes, grunting his very last grunt. The hobgoblin looked angry, but his attacks became more desperate as he realized he was quickly becoming outnumbered. Styx’s axe buried in his back, Tordek’s axe struck his side, Andraste’s psionic arts poisoned his mind, Bristlethurn’s spirit bear bit at his heels, and, finally, an arrow from Tryn found its way into his heart. “You no kill Maraz!” the hobgoblin screamed in defiance, “You no…” Blood trailed from his mouth, the hobgoblin fell to the ground dead.

After the group cleaned up the last two goblins, they explored the room. Bristlethurn found the corpse of wilden in one of the dungeon cells. On the wall in the cell he found a note scratched into the walls in the letters of the wilden people, “I have put all my prayers into this, may it serve you better than it served me.” In the straw that lined the cell, he found a totem with a strong prayer carved into it. Styx also found an amulet with a blue gem carved into it. Bristlethurn bandaged up the wounds of the man who had been tortured by Maraz. He revealed that his name was Uldrin, and that he was an arcane stonemason. He was employed in the capitol of Tybar by the king to do all the needed maintenance and renovations of the white walls. He was kidnapped by the goblin raiders, who had proceeded to torture him to find out how the walls worked and what they might do to bring the white walls down! The party was weary from the tough battle that they had fought. Uldrin magically reinforced the door to the dungeon as the party took out their bed rolls to try and relieve the weariness in their bodies and minds. Questions circled in their thoughts, nagging in the back of their minds. Who are these goblins? How did they imprint dragons? Why are they kidnapping Wilden and trying to break down the white walls? The party tossed and turned fitfully as slowly they drifted off to sleep….

Goblin Hold - Episode 1

Upon leaving the Temple of Bahamut, Heiros was suddenly and mysteriously called away by a member of his order. While deep in mourning for the departure of their comrade, a dwarf ran up to the group. Introducing himself as Tordek, the dwarven fighter, he informed the group that he was on a mission by the dwarven lord Ohrgrem Stoutshield to stop the goblin warlord. Having heard from the head priest of the temple that you had been outfitted for such a mission, he humbly asked if he could join the group on their perilous quest. From there, the group parted ways to start coming up with a plan to find and gain entrance to the Goblin Hold. Tryn discovered from the Sheriff that the warlord Gyss was holed up in a place that used to be called Nen Lake Hold and possessed an army of 500, and advised against a group of 5 trying to take on such a large force. Seeing that they would not be deterred, he sent Tryn and Andraste to seek a shaky deputy named Warren, who was the only survivor of the last attack on the Goblin Hold. Andraste’s quick mind and diplomatic manner were a great help when talking to the hapless deputy, who told her about the ironclad goblin tactics: when faced with a small force the goblins would send the entire force to crush them, if faced with a larger force they would withdraw behind the walls and set fire to a patch of burning pitch that lay on the upward slope of a field that led to the only entrance! Knowing it would be no mean feat to get into these fortifications, they headed to the library to learn more about the hold and the geography of the land.

In the meantime, Styx and Tordek went to the market district to see if they could learn anything about the goblin raids. It turned out that a local merchant had been having his shipments regularly raided by the goblins over the last month. He suggested that he might be able to set up carts with false bottoms that the heroes might hide in and be taken into the hold when the caravan was raided yet again. Tryn, Andraste, and Bristlethurn combed the library and learned that the field in front of the hold wrapped around to the east and met up with the Nen Lake. All to the east was hill country and woodland. They also discovered that the hold was originally constructed by a Paladin of Pelor named Orland, who created greater and greater defenses the closer one got to the final room of the hold. Alas, Orland went quite mad during his stay at Nen Lake Hold, and eventually would not even leave the main room. When he died his goods were interred in the capitol of Mantiben, all except his axe, which was never found. The hold itself, they discovered, was abandoned after the construction of the white walls, because there were no longer threats in the east for the military to guard Mantiben from.

With knowledge as their ally, the group began to come up with their strategy. Though the merchant’s offer was generous, ultimately the group decided to set up a decoy caravan with boxes of rocks marked ‘Food’ and barrels of water marked ‘Wine.’ While the goblins were raiding this decoy shipment, they would approach the hold and enter it while it was unguarded. Closing the gates behind them, they could assassinate Gyss while the army tried in vain to get in. Finally they would set the pitch alight, taking a rope down the east wall into the forrest while the goblin army burned.

It was a two day trek on the Trade Road until the group neared the Old Hills, then another day moving through the rolling hill country. Finally on the morning of the fourth day they came across the Goblin Hold, sitting on a hill just as it had been described with the dark patch of pitch still set out in the field in front of the hold. As they came to the entrance to the hold, a long archway through the thick walls, Tryn grew trepidatious about possible hazards that might wait for them in the corridor. Scanning high and low, she realized that there was a portcullis at the opening of the arch, and that the goblins had ‘improved’ it by sharpening the ends to hurt whomever it fell on. Tryn, Styx, and Tordek decided to jump past where the portcullis fell, in case there were a panel that triggered its fall. Though Styx and Tryn deftly jumped past the square, Tordek came up short; the portcullis came slamming down upon him, grazing his shoulder as he barely jumped out of the way. The heroes looked down the long gate, could there be someone watching?

The group pushed through the long gate and found it was actually a series of three portcullises that were being controlled by concealed creatures in the courtyard. Using strength and athletic prowess, they pushed through, and Styx and Tordek made it into the courtyard to see who was trying to keep them out while Bristlethurn and Tryn used the final portcullis for cover. Styx discovered the courtyard contained three bugbears, a dire wolf, and a goblin leader riding it! Rushing to get to the bugbear in the back, another bugbear smashed Styx while he passed. Tryn fired bolts from the portcullis while Andraste suddenly disappeared from the portcullis and reappeared in the courtyard. The heroes fought bravely, but the bugbear’s strong attacks passed their defenses and numerous times brought them close to falling. Tordek stood between some of the bugbears and Styx, defending him with his shield so that he would not fall despite his heavy wounds, but after awhile even Tordek seemed that he might succumb. Things seemed at their most dire when a bugbear raised the portcullis and the bugbear, dire wolf, and goblin leader surrounded Tryn; their attacks were relentless and Tryn was wounded. Thankfully the Bugbear’s swing went wide and smashed into the dire wolf instead. As they set up for another round of the deadly onslaught, Andraste used her psionic gift to take control of the bugbear, making it attack his comrades. Confused by the seeming betrayal, the dire wolf lashed out at the bugbear and the harried Tryn escaped with her life. Bristlethurn chanted through his totem, bringing courage and healing to his allies so that they would not fall. Meanwhile his spirit bear clawed and bit at the flanks of the enemy, keeping them off guard. Finally the mighty blows of Styx and Tordek overcame two bugbears while Andraste’s gifts continued to warp the mind of the other into betrayal. Combined with Tryn’s dagger the goblin leader fell with the dire wolf soon to follow. The heated battle was over!

After taking a little time to recover from their injuries, the group looked to the door on the other side of the courtyard; the time had come to find Gyss. Andraste closed the three portcullises and locked them in place, let’s see the goblin army get through that! Tryn checked the door for traps and, finding it safe, Styx and Tordek opened the doors. Inside was a musty room lit by torches, rows of armor decorated the entry hall and two statues of sphinxes seemed to stand guard at the end. Styx boldly entered the room and upon doing so promptly heard a click. Two crossbow turrets emerged from the space between the sphinxes, and Styx could hear rustling from down the halls. As he moved to the sides of the room, the crossbows both aimed their sights at Tordek; the enemy would be coming soon…..

The Kobold Hold
In the world of Elohren, on the continent of Endirah it is a time of war. A dark army marches across the lands to the south, conquering ever more land at the command of their dark master. Even as the free races of Endirah are swallowed up, there is little concern in the nation of Mantiben. Behind its high white walls there is little worry for war, peace has been maintained in this nation for hundreds of years and there is little reason to believe that war will ever come here. It is in this nation, at this time, that the wheels of fate have begun to turn. It may have been luck or it may have been destiny itself that placed these five particular people in the Nentir Inn in the town of Fallcrest at the same time. Styx the Half-Elf Barbarian, Andraste the Eladrin Psion, Bristlethurn the Wilden Shaman, Tryn the Halfling Rogue, and Heiros the Human Paladin of Pelor: These are names that would someday be written in the annals of the history or their races, but they started out as simple adventurers.

Drawn by boredom, the promise of glory, or the desire for noble deeds, they came to this crossroad town to seek their fortune alone; but instead found each other. Drawn together by a simple meal, all five were intrigued when the Sheriff of Fallcrest came in posting a reward poster for a Kobold menace to the east. The Sheriff told them about terrible Kobold raiding parties that were disrupting trade along the King’s Road. Following the suggestion of the Sheriff, they banded together and set out east on the King’s Road across the Nentir Vale to the Cloak Woods. In the woods they found the dilapidated mansion that had become the base for the Kobold Raiding parties: Kobold Hall. After a search of the ruins, Tryn located the entrance to the Hall at the base of a guard tower. The cellar rooms occupied by the Kobolds were musty and dank, lit by torches and filled with traps. The brave adventurers fought through the traps and Kobolds, even overcoming the dreaded Skull-Skull rock, to come face to face with the leader of the Kobolds, an evil priest with a mask fashioned in the likeness of a dragon skull. As a giant boulder moved around the room below them, the party climbed a wall to battle with the Kobolds and Drakes of the room. As Styx made a death-defying leap over the walls of center to come around and sink his axe into a flying drake, Andraste’s psionic attacks weakened and killed the priest.

Finding a key in a pouch possessed by the priest, the party ventured into a deep underground chamber to find the object of the priest’s dark worship: a young white dragon! Using his icy breath and sharp claws, the dragon almost overcame the party, but Bristlethurn channeled primal incantations through his totem to steel the party’s resolve and they fought on. While Andraste weakened the beast’s will, Heiros and Styx beat the dragon down with brute force attacks. The dragon seemed to shirk off the attacks, but Tryn, using the distraction created by the others, found a small gap in the dragon’s scales and plunged her dagger deep inside. The beast Roared in pain as Styx brought his axe to bear into the dragon’s back. A final blow of Heiros’ axe into its head signalled the death knell of the dragon threat. While recovering from the trial, Styx found a chest with a sword, a piece of dragon hide, and a note in Draconic. Taking the head of defeated dragon as well as the tails of the slain Kobolds and Drakes, the party returned to Fallcrest.

Seeking the Sheriff in Moonfall Keep, the party inquired about the hide and note. The Sheriff advised the group to seek out the Dwarven Armorer Teldorthan Goldcap to work the hide and the Temple of Bahamut to translate the note. At the armorer’s, Andraste successfully negotiated to have a piece of armor made for Styx, taking gems the party had gotten in trade for a discount on the service; Heiros managed to get a shield thrown in to the mix for free. After getting repairs from the armorer, the group managed to find the Temple of Bahamut, and sought the head priest of the temple for a translation. Finding him in the temple proper, making his daily orisons to Bahamut, they roused the priest from his reverie. The priest read the note in terror, informing the group that the Kobolds were the pawns of a terrible Goblin Warlord named Gyss! This warlord had somehow managed to corrupt the eggs of white dragons at birth, imprinting them to himself. He was apparently running goblin raids out of an unknown hold and potentially raising the other dragons as implements of his malicious will. The priest begged the adventurers to find and stop Gyss from his crimes against dragonkind. Through the quick minds and negotiations of Bristlethurn and Andraste, the priest financed the expedition and provided Andraste with Draconic phrases that would assuage the dragons were they to be freed from Gyss’ control. Should Gyss not be stopped, he would someday control adult white dragons and an army of goblin raiders. The task before these five brave souls was clear: seek the Goblin Warlord in his hold and slay him!


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