Terror of the Unnamed Foe

The Kobold Hold

In the world of Elohren, on the continent of Endirah it is a time of war. A dark army marches across the lands to the south, conquering ever more land at the command of their dark master. Even as the free races of Endirah are swallowed up, there is little concern in the nation of Mantiben. Behind its high white walls there is little worry for war, peace has been maintained in this nation for hundreds of years and there is little reason to believe that war will ever come here. It is in this nation, at this time, that the wheels of fate have begun to turn. It may have been luck or it may have been destiny itself that placed these five particular people in the Nentir Inn in the town of Fallcrest at the same time. Styx the Half-Elf Barbarian, Andraste the Eladrin Psion, Bristlethurn the Wilden Shaman, Tryn the Halfling Rogue, and Heiros the Human Paladin of Pelor: These are names that would someday be written in the annals of the history or their races, but they started out as simple adventurers.

Drawn by boredom, the promise of glory, or the desire for noble deeds, they came to this crossroad town to seek their fortune alone; but instead found each other. Drawn together by a simple meal, all five were intrigued when the Sheriff of Fallcrest came in posting a reward poster for a Kobold menace to the east. The Sheriff told them about terrible Kobold raiding parties that were disrupting trade along the King’s Road. Following the suggestion of the Sheriff, they banded together and set out east on the King’s Road across the Nentir Vale to the Cloak Woods. In the woods they found the dilapidated mansion that had become the base for the Kobold Raiding parties: Kobold Hall. After a search of the ruins, Tryn located the entrance to the Hall at the base of a guard tower. The cellar rooms occupied by the Kobolds were musty and dank, lit by torches and filled with traps. The brave adventurers fought through the traps and Kobolds, even overcoming the dreaded Skull-Skull rock, to come face to face with the leader of the Kobolds, an evil priest with a mask fashioned in the likeness of a dragon skull. As a giant boulder moved around the room below them, the party climbed a wall to battle with the Kobolds and Drakes of the room. As Styx made a death-defying leap over the walls of center to come around and sink his axe into a flying drake, Andraste’s psionic attacks weakened and killed the priest.

Finding a key in a pouch possessed by the priest, the party ventured into a deep underground chamber to find the object of the priest’s dark worship: a young white dragon! Using his icy breath and sharp claws, the dragon almost overcame the party, but Bristlethurn channeled primal incantations through his totem to steel the party’s resolve and they fought on. While Andraste weakened the beast’s will, Heiros and Styx beat the dragon down with brute force attacks. The dragon seemed to shirk off the attacks, but Tryn, using the distraction created by the others, found a small gap in the dragon’s scales and plunged her dagger deep inside. The beast Roared in pain as Styx brought his axe to bear into the dragon’s back. A final blow of Heiros’ axe into its head signalled the death knell of the dragon threat. While recovering from the trial, Styx found a chest with a sword, a piece of dragon hide, and a note in Draconic. Taking the head of defeated dragon as well as the tails of the slain Kobolds and Drakes, the party returned to Fallcrest.

Seeking the Sheriff in Moonfall Keep, the party inquired about the hide and note. The Sheriff advised the group to seek out the Dwarven Armorer Teldorthan Goldcap to work the hide and the Temple of Bahamut to translate the note. At the armorer’s, Andraste successfully negotiated to have a piece of armor made for Styx, taking gems the party had gotten in trade for a discount on the service; Heiros managed to get a shield thrown in to the mix for free. After getting repairs from the armorer, the group managed to find the Temple of Bahamut, and sought the head priest of the temple for a translation. Finding him in the temple proper, making his daily orisons to Bahamut, they roused the priest from his reverie. The priest read the note in terror, informing the group that the Kobolds were the pawns of a terrible Goblin Warlord named Gyss! This warlord had somehow managed to corrupt the eggs of white dragons at birth, imprinting them to himself. He was apparently running goblin raids out of an unknown hold and potentially raising the other dragons as implements of his malicious will. The priest begged the adventurers to find and stop Gyss from his crimes against dragonkind. Through the quick minds and negotiations of Bristlethurn and Andraste, the priest financed the expedition and provided Andraste with Draconic phrases that would assuage the dragons were they to be freed from Gyss’ control. Should Gyss not be stopped, he would someday control adult white dragons and an army of goblin raiders. The task before these five brave souls was clear: seek the Goblin Warlord in his hold and slay him!



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