Terror of the Unnamed Foe

Goblin Hold - Episode 2

Styx boldly entered the room and upon doing so promptly heard a click. Two crossbow turrets emerged from the space between the sphinxes, and Styx could hear rustling from down the halls. As he moved to the sides of the room, the crossbows both aimed their sights at Tordek; the enemy would be coming soon…..

Two bolts from the magical crossbows landed squarely in Tordek’s chest, blood flowing from the wounds as five goblins moved into the room. The party split directions and headed into the room; Andraste and Bristlethurn headed left to aid Styx while Tordek and Tryn headed right, while the goblins began focusing their fury on Styx! Their blows were fierce and fast, but Styx fought on against his foes. While Andraste turned a crossbow wielding goblin against his buddy, Tordek pulled the goblin’s leader off of Styx. Alas, despite all of their efforts the goblin’s onslaught finally got the better of Styx, and he collapsed to the floor. Feeling a renewed sense of purpose in seeing their comrade fall, the heroes fought on. Tryn shot arrows from a dark hiding place behind a suit of armor while Andraste continued to wage war on the battlefield of the mind. Tordek smacked a larger axe-wielding goblin across the face, and as it made a move to go after Andraste he planted his axe in the creature’s back, felling it. Andraste’s mental assault overcame the next one, its eyes bulging as it fell to the ground dead. While Andraste, Bristlethurn, and Tordek overcame the leader, Tryn finished off the crossbow wielding goblins. With all the goblins gone, Tordek ran to the magical crossbow to cut it’s string while Bristlethurn used bandages and fertilizer to patch up Styx’s wounds. Awakened and dazed, his comrades helped him up as he slowly regained his senses.

Exploring the room, Tordek found that the goblins had stashed some of their treasure behind the sphinx statues. He looked at a strange, elegantly carved crossbow, and handed it to Tryn. After Styx had regained his senses the group looked down the two hallway that led left and right. The right way ended in a door, and behind it the group could hear the sounds of clanging and shuffling. The left way led to a downward staircase, and they could hear talking and screaming coming from below. Andraste knew that whomever the goblins had screaming down there would not last, and she urged the party to head down there and aid them. As silently as they could, the party headed down the staircase. Tryn sneaked out into the room and saw a terrible sight: a hobgoblin was torturing someone on a table, conjuring lightning from his staff to cause pain while he asked questions in a cruel, raspy voice. A bodyguard stood beside the hobgoblin, and an audience of goblins sat upon a pile of bones on the floor, laughing and joking as if they were watching a performance at the theatre. Disgusted, the party knew they had to do something, but sneaking all the way to the hobgoblin was impossible. Andraste sneaked over to the entrance of the room and took control of one of the goblins, then another, getting them to attack other goblins. Unaware of the unseen telepath, the goblins proceeded to get into a brawl right there on the bone pile. As one of the goblins stabbed another, drawing blood and screams, the bodyguard turned to stop the brouhaha taking place. “Ungh,” he said, and the goblins all stopped and moved away from each other, but now he was looking in the direction of the group! Andraste and Tordek tried to quickly duck into the shadows, but Tordek wasn’t fast enough. “Orungh?!” the bodyguard exclaimed, all the goblins turned to see the burly, shield wearing dwarf. It seemed the element of surprise had been lost.

The goblins charged towards the passageway, determined to take out Tordek, while the Hobgoblin continued in his malfeasance. Though their blows were deadly, Tordek bravely resisted their attack. They efficiently brought down three of the goblins in a matter of seconds. Irritated at the intrusion, the hobgoblin turned to deal with the intruders, saying, “Mussst I take care of everything myssself?” He moved purposefully towards the passageway and raised his staff. Lightning issued forth from it, narrowly missing Tordek but striking Styx, Andraste, and Tryn. They each were knocked back by the force of the blast and landed face down on the floor while the lightning arced and hit Bristlethurn, dazing him. Tordek looked back at his comrades lying smoking on the ground and turned his fierce anger towards the hobgoblin, “I’m gonna murder you!” Emboldened by his victory, the hobgoblin grinned and turned to Tordek, a gigantic bolt of lightning came from his staff and struck Tordek in the side as arrows from two goblin crossbows landed in his chest. Tordek clutched his side, trying to stop the bleeding as his strength faltered; the hobgoblin smiled malevolently.

As smoke rose from their armor, Andraste, Styx, and Tryn slowly rose to their feet. Though they were battered, they had not come this far to end their journey here! Bristlethurn chanted through his totem to give Tordek strength. As he chanted, a glow emanated from Tordek’s side and the wound magically sealed itself. Drawing strength from the rock itself, Tordek stood tall, now was the time to fight. Tryn, Styx, and Tordek attacked the hobgoblin and his bodyguard; while they were distracted with the attacks, Andraste took control of the bodyguard’s mind and had him attack the hobgoblin. A gleam of recognition lit the hobgoblin’s eyes, “Pssssion!” he said as he pointed his staff towards and Andraste and lightning hit her squarely in the chest; the magical lightning seemed to engulf her and pulled her face to face with the hobgoblin. An arrow from a goblin managed to land in the area the lightning had burned, Andraste could barely stand and blood ran down the side of her robe. Andraste’s mind raced, it seemed she had no way to get away from the hobgoblin and nowhere left to turn. Just then, Tordek came and put his shield in front of Andraste, distracting the hobgoblin. “Go!” he said, and Andraste limped away from the hobgoblin. He tried to reach her with a deadly attack, but Tordek’s axe found him instead. “Oh no you don’t,” Tordek exclaimed, “I told you, I’m gonna murder you!” Andraste made it down the hall where Bristlethurn used his magic to restore her, meanwhile the bodyguard finally fell to the heroes, grunting his very last grunt. The hobgoblin looked angry, but his attacks became more desperate as he realized he was quickly becoming outnumbered. Styx’s axe buried in his back, Tordek’s axe struck his side, Andraste’s psionic arts poisoned his mind, Bristlethurn’s spirit bear bit at his heels, and, finally, an arrow from Tryn found its way into his heart. “You no kill Maraz!” the hobgoblin screamed in defiance, “You no…” Blood trailed from his mouth, the hobgoblin fell to the ground dead.

After the group cleaned up the last two goblins, they explored the room. Bristlethurn found the corpse of wilden in one of the dungeon cells. On the wall in the cell he found a note scratched into the walls in the letters of the wilden people, “I have put all my prayers into this, may it serve you better than it served me.” In the straw that lined the cell, he found a totem with a strong prayer carved into it. Styx also found an amulet with a blue gem carved into it. Bristlethurn bandaged up the wounds of the man who had been tortured by Maraz. He revealed that his name was Uldrin, and that he was an arcane stonemason. He was employed in the capitol of Tybar by the king to do all the needed maintenance and renovations of the white walls. He was kidnapped by the goblin raiders, who had proceeded to torture him to find out how the walls worked and what they might do to bring the white walls down! The party was weary from the tough battle that they had fought. Uldrin magically reinforced the door to the dungeon as the party took out their bed rolls to try and relieve the weariness in their bodies and minds. Questions circled in their thoughts, nagging in the back of their minds. Who are these goblins? How did they imprint dragons? Why are they kidnapping Wilden and trying to break down the white walls? The party tossed and turned fitfully as slowly they drifted off to sleep….



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